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Site Kelt amplification 

The KelT  amps are designed first and foremost to give you what you really expect from a tube amp. Breathtaking dynamics and an immediate reaction to your attack, as if you were in direct connection with the speaker. Think, "Touch Responsive"!!! The crunch is there, at your fingertips or your pick. You gradually  go from clean to saturated depending on your musicality and your emotions. Forget amp settings, focus on your playing and command your sound with  your guitar controls, your pickup selector and the pedals you've so carefully chosen. That's a tube amp!!! That's a KeltT Amplifier !!!


For this, a single recipe, a simple electronic circuit, without frills but which will transcribe an organic sound as we like and the use of first-class ingredients, (F+T, Sprague, Jupiter capacitors, Switchcraft sockets, carbon resistors for the signal path , 2W power metal-oxide resistors for bias circuits, etc...). KelT are designed to last ("built like a tank") because they have to follow you everywhere on stage. Here again the old recipes are often the best and a Point To Point construction on golden turret boards will ensure long years of service and easy maintenance. This also allows us to offer you an unlimited guarantee*

The KelT range  is : 

The YG-MAX : Yvan Guillevic's Choice signature head

The AB HEAD : Axel Bauer signature head ( 50 w ) 

The MostrO  standard 6L6 + t

The MostrO Red Head in EL34 ( 50w)

The MostrO 100 W 

The V-MAX  head 

The WR-X  head 

The BLUE WAFFLE : Julien Bitoun Choice signature amplifier

The V-TWIN combo ( 15 W )

 The F-Type combo ( 16w or 30 w version )

The Bobcat combo ( 24 w )

The Bluebird combo ( 15 w - Nico Chona signature combo )


Purple edition.jpg
Mostro red head.back.jpg

List of artists playing on KelT 
Click here

Test bench of the Mostro in Guitare Xtreme magazine

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Artists Kelt 


Axel Bauer Seclin.jpg

AB signature head on Youtube
Click here

IZO DIOP (Trust)  AND HIS SIGNATURE MODEL / Mostro West coast

Izo - Tilloloy. 01.jpg

Stéfane Mellini (LES NEGRESSES VERTES ) and ses Kelt MLAH

Stephane - les negresses vertes.jpg

Nico Chona ( Nico Chona & the Fleshtones - Modern Delta - Cash ) 


Yarol Poupaud  ( FFF - Niagara - Johnny Halliday - Black Minou ) 

Yarol & Johnny Halliday.jpg

Mostro Yarol Poupaud 

Mostro Yarol Poupaud

PoPa Chubby and his MostrO Red Head " The Beast "

Popa Chubby / Thierry Labrouse / MostrO "the Beast " ".jpg

Do you want to order un  KelT?
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KelT Mostro Black Alligator.jpg
KelT Mostro red head et Bluebird combo
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