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Engine Pickups is a complete range of guitar and bass pickups entirely hand-made  in the North of France, a few kilometers from Ampsguitar shop.!!

From vintage to modern to custom.
Engine Pickups also offers a rewinding service for your defective pickups, do not hesitate to contact me if you have a restoration project.

ENGINE PICKUPS = 100% made in the North!

The Engine Pickups range for Stratocaster

Strat Engine pickups 01.jpg
239 €
The set of 3
Shine on stratocaster set
Shine on set.jpg
239 €

Kit of 3 microphones for strat. "Shine On" model: all is said, it is the model that comes closest to the microphones fitted to the famous original "Black Strat" of the master. The neck and middle pickups will deliver the crystal-clear sound typical of the 69 models and the bridge pickup is over-wound to provide more compression and behave wonderfully when overdriven. Plain enamel thread authentic to the originals. Hand wound. Alnico 5 magnets. Supplied with mounting hardware and covers in the color of your choice.

239 euros the set (3 microphones)

Pickups Humbuckers 

Pasfosterone raw nickel.jpg
129 € each


Humbucker with vintage grain but with modern power. A PAF with more aggressiveness. At ease in many styles, from classic rock to stoner rock, very versatile. Rdc Bridge: 10K / Alnico 5 / 53mm (optional: 50mm) Rdc Neck: 8.2K / Alnico 5 / 50mm

Fifty Bucker A3 set.jpg
249 €


Early Late 50's PAF Vintage Grain Humbucker , the rendering is extraordinary  heat and precision

Ground floor Bridge: 9K / Ground floor Neck: 8 K / Alnico III / 50mm

Hot Filter.jpg


Based on an original Filtertron  but wound differently to give a lot of dynamics, crunch and harmonics while keeping the typical Filter twang. The pole screw gap from E to E is 52mm to fall under the strings in the bridge position. 

Looking for the look + sound of Malcom Young...this mic is for you

Price on request

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Used Engine Pickups

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