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Martial Allart

The desire to play the guitar came thanks to his father who is a big fan of rock bands like Ten Years After, Deep Purple, Scorpions...
He started  the guitar at the age of 14 by taking private lessons with Philippe Bouley who one day made him listen to "Surfing with the alien" by Joe Satriani, and it was a revelation!
He learns the guitar by listening and working on this wave of guitar-heroes like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencout, Paul Gilbert, Riche Kotzen and then Petrucci...
He played in several local composition groups, and then created a progressive metal group Regency. (2 cd demos and the album Awakening in 2000.)
His schedule is divided between guitar lessons in Reims, concerts and material demos (Maybach - JHS - Catalinbread - Two notes - FredAmps - FX Amps - etc ....) He joined the Forbans at the end of 2016.

Endorsed by Two Notes Audio Engineering, FredAmp, FX Amplification, Maybach Guitars and SP Custom, Martial uses:

A DL 112 PS Custom equipped with a Celestion V-Type 

A DL 212 PRO with  V30  + Mamzer 30

Seb Garsia et sa Legend Custom

Sebastien Garsia


Mayones Guitars, Hathor pickups, Dominger custom pickups.

Sébastien Garsia is a virtuoso guitarist who has evolved through self-taught and musical training.
Rocked from an early age by funk, rock and later by metal and jazz, he developed a multicultural musical style of his own.  its own school of modern guitar, with the aim of dusting off the teaching " standard. "


Aviator Predator 6 + Aviator Spitfire 6 with set signature Hathor S. Garsia

Hathor pickups: Signature set S/S/S 

Mayones Legend 6 standard  / Dirty sunburst

Mathieu Larroude


Endorsed (Artist Deal) by Ampsguitar shop - Mayones guitars 

Mathieu Larroudé joue sur Mayones Regius 6 Gothic custom

Larroudé Mathieu, guitarist and bassist for ten years, had the opportunity to participate in several musical projects such as: BurstHead (thrash) / Southern Trendkill (cover band Pantera) and live replacements such as Ad Patres, Heboidophrenie...

At the end of 2012, he created his project in a style mixing the groove of the djent and the effectiveness of death "CHRONICLES" which will see the light of day in 2015. Wanting to take advantage of a music combining brutality, groove and unstructured pieces,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

the compositions mix technical passages and effective riffs.

(Photo:  Manon Gardelle)

Vincent Camontes


Endorsed (Artist Deal) by Ampsguitar shop - Mayones Guitar & Bass.

Vincent Camontes joue sur Mayones Comodous 5 custom shop, bassist for ten years, trained at CIAM from 2010 to 2012.

Active member in several musical projects like: Unobstrusive (Metal prog/instrumental), Dirty Duck (Rock/Pop), and Gameplay (alternative).

In 2013, he joined the project created by Mathieu Larroudé "CHRONICLES", project in a style mixing the groove of "djent" and the effectiveness of "death"

which will see the light of day in 2015.Alongside his brother Alexandre Camontes, they create together a technical and precise Bass/Batt to take advantage of

a music combining brutality, groove and unstructured pieces

(Photo:  Manon Gardelle)

Oliver and Jeff

mother & pearl

Olivier  (left) plays on:

Mayones Setius 6 Gothic tuned in B (photo)

Mayones Setius Pro  standard tuning . 

Jeff (right) plays on:

Two Mayones Setius GTM 6 Custom  / EMG Pickups

Two Mayones Duvell (Elite) / SD Nazgul pickups - Sentient

Antoine Aubry

(OHM) - Oracle, KA


Antoine made his debut in classical guitar at the conservatory at the age of 7, after telling his parents:  

I want to play electric guitar, electric guitar that he will acquire after three years at the conservatory. 

He continues with the MAI at 17, 

after which he joined KA ( ) in 2010

then Orakle ( ) in 2013.


Antoine plays on:

Mayones Setius Pro 7 "custom shop"

Hathor custom pickups - 8bucker 7+ Paf classic 7

Photo by  Will Widmot


VIRGIL / Top of France

In the VIRGIL group everyone plays onAviator Guitars & Basses 


Charles K /Jetstream 4 Bass 

Julian B / Veteran 7 Multiscale, Warbird 7 Baritone Evertune

Thomas F /Texan 7 Baritone


Bruno Saget



Lead guitarist of the anasazi group since 2014 (metal / rock / prog) 

and Blackdust (metal) He participates in various side-projects like Croak (Metal Stoner) and The Intrinsic Journey (Metal progressive instrumental)

Bruno Began the guitar at age 10 as an autodidact, rocked by Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Yes. turns in his adolescence towards metal and death metal. It was his discovery of Dream Theater (and other prog metal bands) at the end of the 90s that pushed him to develop his playing in a solo perspective.


Artist Deal DL David Laboga - TAURUS/ Ampsguitar shop .

DL 212 FS-PS-PRO (V30+G12K-100 celestion) / Plectrum ponks /

Ernie Ball Musicman JP6 and JP7 / DV MARK MULTIAMP / TECH 21

Taurus SH 5

Driftwod Mini-Nightmare 45w

Valere Coignet

Chalon sur Saone


He started the guitar at the age of 9. Immersed in rock, then progressive metal, he draws inspiration from multiple guitarists to create his own musical style.

At the end of 2012, he created a group called HAZE, mainly intended for composition and recording.

He also covers some songs on Youtube, notably by John Petrucci.

At the beginning of 2015, Valère started the "Berklee Online" school. He will be graduated "Professional Rock Guitarist" 6 months later. Currently, he is studying Current Amplified Music (3rd cycle) as well as Jazz at the conservatory of Chalon-sur-Saône. Recently, he played with the PBFB orchestra (Passion Batterie Fanfare Bourgogne) at the Grand Prix National in Bruz. The orchestra is declared champion of France 2016 with honors.

Valère plays on:


Mayones Regius 7 4Ever custom shop + Dominger "Straight Shooter 7" pickups.

Kiesel THEOS 7 +Dominger "Desert Falcon 7"

PRS Custom 24

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR

Suhr modern tremolo + Suhr modern Floyd Rose

Fender Telecaster Japan

Mesa Boogie Mark 5 + Mesa Express 5:25

Peavey 6150+

DL 212 FS-PS standard open back (V30 +G12H-80's limited)

Mesa Boogie Road King 212 

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 112

Driftwood Mini-Nightmare custom 45w


Michel Beneventi / Until The Uprising



Coming from a non-musician family, and having discovered Metal on the benches of college with groups such as System of a Down, Rammstein, Slipknot and Metallica, inspired by them, it was at 15 that I been able to put my fingers on my first guitar. Self-taught, I learned their albums from A to Z to play over them. The passion came very quickly as well as the taste for little publicized musical genres. At 18 I went to a sound engineering school, followed by a music school, the CFPM (Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Musique), where I was able to teach as a guitar teacher. afterwards. In the meantime, I joined the formation "Deathcore" Until The Uprising in 2010 at the base as a guitarist, and has since also held the position of lead singer and composer. The style of the group was then largely diversified towards Progressive Metal where typical elements of death metal are mixed, but also polyrhythms of ambient passages, grooves and acoustics.

Michel plays on: 

Mayones Regius Pro 7 Custom Shop + BKP Juggernaut Pickups 

Anthony Bertrand / Rise Of Doom



Guitarist since the age of 14, he is influenced by very heterogeneous groups and styles of music, such as Dream Theater, Periphery, The Browning, Dimmu Borgir, Rammstein, Linkin Park, Animals As Leaders as well as by music " Electronic" and "Symphonic". 
In 2014, he spent a year at the Music Academy International where he was able to improve in the Metal genre and work on many other styles such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusio, etc. In parallel, he prepared and recorded the first album of his group Rise Of Doom, “Purgation”. 
In 2015, after the release of the album and their clips "Gaia" and "Hold This Life", he did several concerts with his group across Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic , Belgium and many other countries. 
He is currently a guitar teacher in Grenoble and he is working on the next titles of Rise Of Doom as well as on his other projects.

Stage gear:

A guitar7-String Duvell Mayones with custom SP pickups. 
A blackstar serie one 6L6 amp head. 
An Orange 2x12 PPC212 V30 speaker cab.
Axe-fx ultra fractal audio.
Skull thong 10-46

Gear to record: 

A guitarMayones Regius Gothic 7 string   with Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups. 
An Ibanez RG-8 Fanned Fret 8 string guitar   with EMG 808X pickups.
An Ibanez RG2550Z-WPM 6 string guitar with di-marzio pickups. 

Bias FX for Guitar VST. 

Alex Lion

(Octane  -Laval)


Alex Lion is the singer-guitarist of the Laval heavy rock band Octane. He recently adopted a Taurus Stomphead High Gain 2 which fits perfectly with the heavy Octane sound!

For the very big sound Alex also plays on a custom 100w Driftwood Purple Nightmare, he is also endorsed by the German brand.



Driftwood Purple Nigtmare custom 100w
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