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Ampsguitar shop sponsor with Taurus and DL cabs of the LOOV tour 2017 - 2018 of Mat .Bastard 

Mat Bastard (ex -Carving and Skip the Use returned to the forefront of the rock scene in 2017 with the release of his first album "Loov ". A great summer tour has therefore been launched since_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_end of May and guitarists Olive and Nelson chose SH2 High Gain + two DL 212 Std cabs while bassist Mike plays on 2 Taurus T-450 heads. by road festivals like Solidays - Moissons rock 

Garorock - Les Déferlantes Sud de France - Planet-R-Fest - Les Francofolies - The Paleo Festival - Over the sound fest - At the rock bridge - The secret nights - The feathered dog - Party noise (Landernau), etc.

The opportunity to test the reliability of Taurus and DL on a great tour ... the sound, no worries, will always be there! 

Nelson Martins pedalboard
Mike T-450 on tour
Olive pedalboard on stage
Olive et Nelson live gear

Martial Allart - Les Forbans

The desire to play the guitar came thanks to his father who is a big fan of rock bands like Ten Years After, Deep Purple, Scorpions...
He started  the guitar at the age of 14 by taking private lessons with Philippe Bouley who one day made him listen to "Surfing with the alien" by Joe Satriani, and it was a revelation!
He learns the guitar by listening and working on this wave of guitar-heroes like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencout, Paul Gilbert, Riche Kotzen and then Petrucci...
He played in several local composition groups, and then created a progressive metal group Regency. (2 cd demos and the album Awakening in 2000.)
His schedule is divided between guitar lessons in Reims, concerts and material demos (Maybach - JHS - Catalinbread - Two notes - FredAmps - FX Amps - etc ....) He joined the Forbans at the end of 2016.

Endorsed by Two Notes Audio Engineering, FredAmp, FX Amplification and SP Custom, Martial uses a DL 112 PS Custom cabinet equipped with a Celestion V-Type as well as a DL 212 FS-PS equipped with a DL Mamzer 30 + V30_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Marty 212 - Planet live.jpg
Les Forbans / Olympia 2018
Olympia 4.jpg



Fred Duquesne,

Guitarist (Mass hysteria - Watcha - Bukowski - Empyr .....)
Product , produces, mixes or plays for the albums of: Bukowski - Watcha - Empyr - Mass hysteria - Ultra vomit - ETHS - No One is Innocent, Kyo, Vegastar, Brigitte, etc...


Fred is using un cab DL 212 PRO with V30+Demon in studio.

The guitars from No One's latest album and Maniac's were recorded with ce cab . ) live for the Maniac tour!

A tour that promises to be very long....


Fred - Reims 2019.jpg


Ampsguitar shop partner on the LA RAGE TOUR 2017 tour.

Izo Diop uses HESU 412 M cabs prepared by Ampsguitar shop

412M Black ( Greenback 25 x 4 ) + 412M Red ( Creamback 65 x 4 ) 

I also had the pleasure of gifting a Rosstone 212  cabinet equipped with Creamback 65 to Nono.

For the tour "In the same blood  2018-2019 Izo plays on DL 412 Izo Diop Custom

equipped with Greenback 25 x 4 and Creamback 65 x 4 + a Hesu 212M on the side.

Nono owns 2 DL 412s and an exclusive Pico 212!!

Izo Diop rig 2018 - DL 412 Izo Diop custom series
IZO - 27-10-18.jpg
Pico 212 exclusive - Tilloloy 30/06/18
Izo Diop / Trust - La rage tour
Trust - Tilloloy - 30/06/18 ( photo Mat Ninat )
Izo - 13-10-18.jpg
Trust - Nono / Tilloloy 30-06-18
Izo Diop double stack custom / tournée 2019 - 2020
Trust - Izo  / Tilloloy 30-06-18


Ampsguitar shop partner of the PLEYMO 20 years - tour 2018

Davy (lead guitar) and Erik (guitar) will play on DL 212  pro and standard prepared by myself

DL 212 PRO (Davy) / Celestion V30 + Hesu Demon , 412 pro / V30 +K100

DL 212 Standard (Erik) / Celestion V30 + G12T-75 / 412 pro / V30 + K100

Davy - DL 212 PRO
Pleymo - Hellfest 2018
Davy Portela - 2018 rig / DL 412 + 212 pro
Davy Portela - 2018 rig / DL 412 + 212 pro
Davy Portela / Pleymo
Pleymo 2018 / Davy Portela ( photo Franck Cuny )

Bare Teeth - Lille

Hailing from Lille, in the cold and rainy north of France, Bare Teeth are a band that don't like putting labels on their music. Sure, their music sounds like a mix of punk rock and hardcore, and they claim influence from bands like A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi. However, the four members also bring thrash metal influences and do not deny certain typically pop melodies, specific to their experience in different projects (Fast Motion, November (ex-Netfastcore), Icons Down!, The Heretic Process...).

Bare Teeth released their debut EP "First The Town, Then The World", mixed by Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream) and featuring vocals from Steve Rawles (Belvedere, This Is A Standoff) in May 2017. Since then, the band has already toured successfully in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Italy) as well as in Japan and China, and is ready to conquer the world!

Greg plays on a Taurus SH3 CL + TC 212 V30 + Creamback 65

Titouan plays on Taurus SH2 HG + TC 212 V30 + Creamback 65

Tom plays on a Taurus T-450 head + TR 410 cab

* Greg Legarand: guitar/vocals
* Titouan Andritsos: guitar/vocals
* Tom Panier: bass/vocals
* Jérôme Molenda: drums

Bare Teeth


LAZY is the French tribute band of Noir Désir, they have been scouring the stages for more than 2 years (PCF Huma Festival, Arthurs day festival, Rock your life festival, Pacific rock in Cergy , Pacbo in Orchie, Château de Bossuit + Canal 10 in Belgium, as well as soon the fest made in Hautrage

LAZY delivers on stage a 100% rock show that plunges you directly into the universe of the group Noir Désir through all the eras of this legendary group, interpreting the flagship titles but also more intimate by alternating styles punk-rock-garage-pop and French song that Noir Désir knew how to write and arrange brilliantly.

Many early fans have been won over and continue to follow her tirelessly throughout France and Belgium. Lazy did over 70 dates in 2018!!


Nico, vocal guitar / TAURUS SH2 Classic - Hesu 112 wizard custom + 212 custom "Lazy"

Max , solo guitar / TAURUS SH2 High gain - Hesu 112 wizard custom

Pascal, bass / TAURUS QUBE 450

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