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The Telecaster range


Golden Gate Bridge Tele

This bridge pickup is ideal if you are looking for pure Tele twangy sound with great clarity, 

a lot of character and a surplus of power. Its dynamics will react perfectly to your game 

while preserving the violin making of your instrument. 

In set it is accompanied by the same neck pickup as the Twang Master or a T-Hippie neck

neck / 6.5K - Bridge / 7K


PRICE =85euro  coin   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d_bad5


The Twang Master bridge or neck
With scorching mids and a high output level, the Twang Master will push the volume and frequencies of your guitar 

to easily get out of the mix while maintaining superb definition. Pure Tele sound on steroids and ultra versatile.

Alnico V Bridge Pickup: 11k – Neck Pickup: 7k/8k.
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

PRICE =85€ each 



The Twang 51' Alnico III

A custom set designed to capture the early '50s Tele sound as closely as possible 

with unique thickness and twang. Alnico III magnets pure vintage sound 

with perfect definition and great musicality.


PRICE =85€ each 


T-Hippie Neck


This microphone has been specially designed for those looking for a Strat sound in the neck position on their Telecaster. 

We thus find all the ingredients of the Hippie 68′ for Stratocaster. An ultra-dynamic microphone 

with crystal-clear highs and exceptional openness. 

A slight Hendrix touch will captivate your Tele. 

Alnico V-7k.


Price =€85 each 


Wise Guy and Wise Guy+

This pickup was designed to rival the output level of a Hot-rod Humbucker!

The Wise Guy will be the equivalent of a Raw Neck in terms of gain.

The Wise Guy + will have the sharpness and accuracy of the Raw Bridge,

Violent but precise!

Only available in Bridge!


Price =90€ each

The Stratocaster range


The Hippie 68' Single Coil

The Hippie 68′ reproduces one of the most revered guitar tones in rock history. 

With its gorgeous openness, crystal-clear highs, tight lows and moderate output level

this mic will transport you straight to the groovy years of the late 60s.

Alnico V - 5.60K / 5.70K

75 Euros 


The Stinger 

This mic has a truly exceptional sound with its unique balance and character. 

Warmer and more “bluesy” than the Hippie, the Stinger has great versatility ranging from transparent clean sounds 

to the most powerful overdrive sounds. I particularly like this microphone in the bridge position for a pure blues/rock sound.

 Alnico V – 6k/7

75 euro  


The Stinger II

Need more power in the bridge position while keeping the grain of the single coil look no further 

the Stinger II will meet your expectations. With extra bite and mediums this microphone has 

a lot of character making it extremely versatile whether in Blues, Rock, Funk or Metal. 

It is also a good choice when you want to associate it with a humbucker 

without losing power when playing on the single coil. 

Alnico V-9k.

PRICE =75 euro 



The Single Shot

The single shot was specifically designed for the bridge position but may still work 

perfectly on the other positions. This microphone has a warm sound with nice mids, significant power and beautiful harmonics. It is quite "fat" and gives the impression of having an old PAF 

with a lot of character. This pickup will radically change your idea of single coil. 

Alnico V – 11k / 12K

75 euro 



Joce and Tammie created this insane looking pickup (11 pins!!) to be able to directly attack high output humbuckers!

The result is very conclusive because you can have un  high output while keeping the typical sound of a vintage strat...

The logical continuation of the Single shot!

Alnico V-13, 50K


Price =95 euros




Fan of the sound of Jeff Beck,   here is the exact replica of what J.Beck   uses on stage and in the studio!

Neck  : 5.90 k  -  Middle : 6.30 k   - _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Bridge: 7k


PRICE =85 euros coin 

Following the current exchange of the Dollar, Dominger rates increase on 01/06/22

The P90 Range - Soapbar

Manufactured entirely by hand with the best Alnico 2, Alnico 5 and ceramic magnets available in the USA, the P 90's Dominger range is extremely precise and musical. From creamy to very very hot, the Custom P 90's range offers you all the tonal possibilities from the best of the 50s to today's power rock/metal. Output level from 8K to 15.5K depending on the models ordered.


Fully wound and handmade by Tammie Dominger, double wax potted with natural beeswax to eliminate background noise and buzz.

The magnets are specially manufactured in the best possible quality for Dominger Pickups with a very specific request established by J.Dominger 

These pickups are available in four grades / vintage, vintage +, hot and very hot at the price of115 € each.


P 90 "Alchemy - Soapbar"

Micro (neck) = about 8K, Micros (bridge) = about 15.5K.€115 piece 


P90 "Slick's Pick, for an authentic 50's sound, brilliant, surly and very expressive!

€115 piece 

In stock :

1 set P 90 standard soap + cream caps

1 set P 90 soap, Hot bridge + standard neck (black)

2 x P 90 soapbar bridge , black , Hot-rodded


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