Micros 100% fait à la main aux USA en Californie jusqu'en juillet 2015 et depuis aout 2015 en Caroline du sud .


Joce et Tammie Dominger travaillent en duo depuis des années dans la réalisation de micros "boutiques" dans le but de vous offrir les meilleurs micros possibles que vous pourrez trouver , et pour cela ils ne comptent pas  leur temps en passant des heures sur chaque micro. Les meilleures pièces seront uniquement utilisées pour la réalisation des micros et chaque micro est unique ! Garantie à vie .


Micros disponibles sur commande sous 4 semaines en moyenne




Blues - Classic rock - Southern rock 


The 58 CUSTOM    


Hand-built in the spirit of the legendary humbuckers of the late 50's with the best alnico V magnets and wire,

this is our “PAF-style” humbucker, inspired by Seth Lover and that sublime Les Paul sound of yesteryear.

 As you would expect, this set delivers unreal clarity. If you yearn for that sweet, warm vintage tone made possible

by random winding and magnets custom-made to Joce’s specifications, look no further.

The clean straight sound is magic. When played with distortion, the transparency remains, the attack is straight and accurate,

with singing midrange, crystal highs and tight bass. This set works especially well with pedals, allowing the low end to thump and the high end to soar. 

The Custom 58' features moderate output and huge tone. Its carefully-engineered balance of mids will add body and depth to your sound.

We are confident that this set will change your idea of what a humbucker is capable of!


Specs: Bridge (10.5K ) Neck ( 7 - 8 K ) Alnico 5







This Custom set is specifically designed to give you a rich warm creamy tone with a great clarity. 

Whiskyssippi brings body to your sound, makes it bigger and more expressive. 

This custom set is for those that love warm tone, with moderate output, softer attack, great voicing, and vibrant midrange. 

With its unique bobbin design and high-grade magnets, this set is definitely the choice for the player who wants a warmer, and livelier tone.


Specs: Bridge ( 8-9K) Neck ( 7-8K ) / Alnico 2





THE O'60


The O'60 bridge humbucker is a warm, vintage hot humbucker style pickups

Based on the pickups used in L.A. in the late 70's early 80's by some famous and session players. 

The O'60 delivers a round tone, singing voice, soft highs, brown sound in one word,

it's a moderate output pickup, perfect for blues, rock, early Van Halen tones..

The O'60 reacts perfectly to the volume control of the instrument, giving some thickness and clarity to the tone,

no mud at all, beautiful shades when played with an overdrive. 

The O'60 never compresses the sound, keeps the clarity while giving a great mid range, can be used as well for bridge or neck positions. 


Specs : Bridge - Neck ( 7.50 - 8 K ) , Alnico 2






Sebastien Garsia,asked us for a neck humbucker with burning mid range to go with his Raw bridge.

Sebastien wanted a sound like an ES-335 on fire. 
The Brown Bourbon delivers a full tone, singing mid range, soft basses and highs, extremely musical,

that works perfectly used at the bridge or the neck position, also splits perfectly without getting weak or harsh, never.
When used at the bridge position, the Brown Bourbon will give you killer tones for blues, rock, and for a great versatility

it's killer paired with a Custom '58 neck model, the Whiskyssippi neck model kills everything also with it, it stays in the same general tonal direction. 


Specs : Bridge - Neck ( 9.50 K ), Alnico 2





 The RISING SUN ( Bridge )


This ballsy humbucker is a really boosted PAF with soft highs, great voicing and warm tone expanding

the singing mid range with more natural string vibrations. 

Spongy bass, growl tone without the mud,  shinning harmonics and great dynamic,

the Rising Sun  is created for the player who needs a burning custom humbucker to push is playing

with the characteristics of the old PAF and the power of it's unique design.

Ideal for Blues, Rock, Jazz, this custom pickup will work perfectly associated with a Whiskeysippi alnico II humbucker

at the neck position for an absolute mellow ultimate set


Specs : Bridge  ( 15 - 15.5 K ) , Alnico 2







The Alnico Special V neck model has an unreal clarity and presence

that will change your vision of a humbucker.Unique pickup with an incredible musicality,

designed for the player who needs a versatile humbucker with an absolute killer tone.
The Alnico Special V bridge model is balanced you give a rich, warm and singing tone, full of details and harmonics.

It has the perfect mix between warm and clarity, this magic touch that will bring three dimensional tone in your playing


Specs  : Bridge ( 13 - 14 K ) Neck ( 11 - 11.50 K )





Power Blues - Rock & Hard Rock - Garage Rock - Punk Rock -

Early Metal - Heavy Metal - Fusion - Stoner Rock





The Flaming Pepper humbucker gives you that gorgeous holy-grail PAF tone, but injects more power, sustain and distortion into the equation.

The Pepper is versatile yet dynamic, with a great midrange for harmonics and a tight high end. 

This pickup never fails to cut through the mix with its distinctive midrange attack. 

The alnico magnet and custom wind design give it compressed dynamics, an enhanced harmonic structure, and punchy bass. 

Ideal for drop-tunings: never "mushes out.” If you want more power, longer sustain and faster grind, this is your go-to.


Specs : Bridge ( 15 - 15.5 K ) Neck ( 13 K ) , Alnico 5






The Smoking Hog  ( ex : Hummelbucker )


The Smoking Hog  is a  hard- rocking custom humbucker custom-designed for Markus Hummel, head luthier of Peacekeeper Guitars, California.  We helped him realize a dream: a secret weapon that would be worthy of the beautiful custom guitars he crafts:

a special humbucker with a unique tone and dynamic. The result is a spectacular pickup with powerful open tone, tight bass, great natural and pick-harmonics, dynamic, extremely accurate and musical.

Markus asked us for a powerful humbucker set overflowing with sick pick-harmonics and extreme definition.

After much hard work, the Hummelbucker was born, and the result is killer! If it’s good enough for Markus, we are positive you will love it.


Specs:  Bridge (14 - 14.5  K) , Neck ( 12.5 - 13 K ), Ceramic







Perfect for rock, heavy rock, The Rider has burning mids and the open tone that will let you play from beautiful cleans to powerful leads.

With no compression and a very accurate, this moderate/big output humbucker is calibrated

for the player who needs a polyvalent pickup with a great voicing, a perfect balance between warmth and clarity. 

Driven by a high grade ceramic magnet and 15k to 15.5k resistance, The Rider humbucker  will rock your soul!

Ceramic magnets


Specs : Bridge ( 15 - 15.5 K ) Neck ( 10 - 10.5 K )





Power Rock  -  Hard rock / Heavy Metal - Death Metal - Prog Metal -

Djent - Nu Metal - Doom - Indus Metal - 





From great cleans to insane leads, this is an incredibly versatile humbucker. Tone, dynamics, voicing, and precision are unmatched.

This Raw gives you the power, the musicality, the screaming harmonics and balance you need to rock the world. 

With a big high grade ceramic bar magnet, its unique coil structure with a whopping 17k resistance (bridge),

this pickup will push your playing and your amplifier beyond the limits. Works perfect with drop tunings without going all muddy on you.

Intended for coil-splitting: the single-coil sounds are way more interesting than you might think: get those switches ready, you’ll wanna tap these Domies!


Specs : Bridge ( 17 - 18  K ) , Neck ( 13 - 14 K ) , Ceramic magnets







Hang on tight, this set is not for the faint of heart!

Designed to deliver more power than active pickups while retaining the soul of passive pickups,

the Bucking Bull sports a high-octane, red-hot but truly organic sound: balanced, accurate, musical, and more three-dimensional than you can imagine. Whatever type of guitar you own, whatever wood it’s constructed of, these pups will turbocharge your act.


Specs : Bridge  ( 19 - 20 K ) , Neck ( 13 - 14 K ), Ceramic magnets





Les Sets "METAL" ( approved Ampsguitar shop )





Ce set 100% Metal a été conçu par J.Dominger sur ma demande pour mettre tout le monde d'accord sur la question : Actif ou Passif ?

Un Gain énorme , un son organique , du grain de la définition , le jeu " au potard " prends tout son sens

car le potentiel du micro bridge est énorme de versatilité , de dynamique et de précision ...

Couplé au micro neck (Raw) ce set offre tout ce dont on rêve que ce soit en double ou en mode splitté !

Un son "clean" incroyable en split-coil , et en position centrale ( 2 micros ) on jurerait avoir des piézos ..

Extrêmement polyvalent ce set Metal vous emmenera de la Country (splitt) au Djent-Metal sans y perdre son âme de Killer !!

Ce set est régulièrement monté par Mayones sur Setius-Regius-Duvell-Legend directement en Pologne .

Disponible en version 6 et 7 cordes


Specs : Bridge ( 19.5 - 20 K ) Neck ( 13.5 - 14 K )







Second set 100% Metal conçu par J.D sur ma demande .

Ce set est très proche du Desert Falcon , seul le micro neck est différent .Conçu pour les joueurs qui veulent un son plus "cool" et "rond" au manche. Autant de polyvalence que le DF si ce n'est pas plus ...Il ouvrira les portes de la fusion et du Metal prog ...mais aussi du Djent ..

Disponible en  version 6 et 7 cordes !


Specs : Bridge ( 19.5 - 20 K ) Neck ( 8.5 - 9 K )





Le set " From Hell "


Set " Metal - rock " composé d'un Bucking-BULL (bridge) et d'un Alnico Special 5 ( neck )

Encore beaucoup de polyvalence avec pas mal de "punch" au neck ( AS 5 ) .

Se positionne entre le Straight Shooter et le Bucking Pepper


Specs : Bridge ( 19.5 - 20 k ) , Neck ( 11 - 11.5 K )







Set "Metal" composé d'un Bucking-Bull (Bridge) et d'un Flaming Pepper (Neck)

Du blues "Hot-rodded" au Djent - Death actuel ...

Un mélange détonnant !!


Specs : Bridge ( 19.5 - 20 K ) Neck ( 13 - 13.5 K )





Les sets  Humbuckers " signatures " ..

Le set " EFFUZZION " / Sebastien Garsia signature 


Set réalisé à la demande de Sébastien Garsia , guitariste de Fusion endorsé par Dominger Pickups .

Micros "Brown Bourbon " (neck) + Raw (Bridge) , finition bobines translucides 

Disponibles sur demande dans d'autres finitions. 


Specs : Bridge ( 17 - 18 k ) Neck ( 9.5 k ) / 230 euros le set translucide , 220 € en standard .



L'avis de Seba Garsia : le set effusion propose une formidable versatilité et une palette sonore vraiment complete, allant de la puissance des riffs et lead métal jusqu' aux sonorités rondes et chaudes du jazz en passant par des cleans claquant façon super strats bien funky !








Le set  " HALO'S "  / Dean Wells signature 


Set réalisé à la demande de Dean Wells , guitariste Australien du groupe Teramaze  (Prog Power-Metal) . 

Micros au look unique réalisés à partir d'un mix d'aimants "custom " pour satisfaire à la perfection la demande de l'artiste.


Specs : Bridge  ( .. - .. k ) Neck ( .. - .. k )  / 260 euros le set noir mat .










Le set "DIRTY JUDGE" version 1 et 2 

Set réalisé à la demande de Judge Fredd ( Testeur dans Guitare Xtreme magazine )

Version 1 composée d'un Whiskyssippi (neck) et d'un Rising Sun  (bridge) , c'est la version vendue aux "USA"

Version 2 composée d'un micro neck réalisé spécialement pour Judge Fredd le "Mud my Day " qui est une version "sale"

du "whiskyssippi" car Judge voulait un micro capable de couvrir toute la discographie de "ZZ TOP" du premier album à nos jours . Le son des derniers albums étant particulièrement "sale , mais précis" , n'était pas possible avec version 1 , trop "propre" au gout de J.Fredd . Le micro bridge reste le même : Rising Sun .

Version 1 = 220€ en finition noir-cream ou zebra / 250€ en finition "Dirty Judge" , zebra red trans - cream (photo)

Version 2 = 235€ en finition noir-cream ou zebra / 265€ en fintion  "Dirty Judge" , zebra red trans - cream (photo)

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